Video Visitation

Attorneys have the option of using the video visitation units at any of the member jurisdiction jails (Roanoke County, Franklin County and Montgomery County) to visit with their clients should they choose to do so.

The Western Virginia Regional Jail offers a form of video visitation called Remote Visitation. Remote Visitation is available to be conducted in the comfort of your home via personal computer. Visits are 15 or 30 minutes in duration, and cost $0.50 cents/minute. You must set up an account by logging onto Smart Jail Mail prior to initiating a visit. You may attempt to conduct a visit any time during the visitation hours. However, a visit might be blocked if the kiosk is in use at that time.

Suggestions for Making Your Video Visit More Enjoyable

  • Before logging in to visit, check your webcam for good picture quality and make sure you are located in well-lit area, but not where your camera is in direct sunlight.
  • Check your sound quality/ audio level. Most webcams and operating systems allow for testing of your microphone on your system.
  • Speak normally. Some have a tendency to speak loudly or directly into the microphone and this causes distortion for the inmate. Avoid allowing persons sitting or standing behind to talk, as they often speak louder than necessary.
  • Avoid large movements during the call. Webcams are often sensitive to movement and do not offer a good picture during movement.
  • Check your internet speed. Low bandwidths may cause lag time in transmission of your video feed. If unsure of your internet speed, contact your internet service provider to ensure your internet speeds are capable of handling video conferencing.
  • Be logged into your account on time and ready to visit. If you are late for the visit, you will only be allowed the remainder of your scheduled time.

Question & Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns involving technical support or financial issues related to this new platform please go to Contact Us at Smart Jail Mail.