Professional Visitation

Rules & Regulations

  • Cell phones or other electronic devices may not be brought into the security area.
  • Do not bring in food, money, cigarettes, or drugs of any type to an inmate.
  • Do not bring weapons of any kind into the secure area of the facility.
  • Do not give the inmate any articles that contain staples or other metal objects.
  • Do not let an inmate keep pencils or pens.
  • The introduction of contraband into the jail may result in criminal and or civil prosecution.
  • No family members or personal friends of an inmate are allowed to accompany any professional visitor during a contact visit.
  • No items may be given to an inmate without authorization from jail staff (excluding legal material which must be inspected only). If you are unsure what an inmate may keep, consult a jail staff member.
  • Photographs of inmates are not allowed.
  • While in the secure area you must follow the directions of jail staff, to include leaving when instructed to do so.
  • While the jail staff will do all in its power to protect you while visiting, the Western Virginia Regional Jail cannot guarantee your safety while in the secure area of the facility.
  • You and your possessions are subject to be searched prior to entering the security area.