Books, Newspapers & Magazine Subscriptions

A variety of newspapers, books and magazines are provided to the inmates through the jail library. However, should an inmate want a subscription to a particular newspaper or magazine, the following guidelines must be followed.

Inmates may have family and/or friends place orders for books, magazines and newspaper subscriptions; however, the inmate must communicate to that individual what is approved, appropriate content to be received at the WVRJ.
                                                                                                                                             Inmate Name c/o
When ordering books or magazines, items must be shipped to the jails physical address:  5885 West River Rd.
                                                                                                                                             Salem, Va. 24153

Rules & Regulations

  • Items must be brand new and come directly from the publisher. Ex. Barnes and Noble, Amazon Fulfillment Center, etc.
  • Books must be paperback/soft cover.
  • Inmates are allowed to receive a total of four (4) books each month.
  • No used books or books received from third party sellers will be accepted and will be returned to the sender upon arrival.
  • Reasonable quantities of items will be allowed. However, if excessive quantities create a fire hazard in the inmate's cell, these items will either be placed in the inmate's property or disposed of.
  • Publications cannot violate U.S. Postal Regulations.
  • Items ordered from a publisher (books, magazines and newspapers) will be approved upon delivery to the Western Virginia Regional Jail.
    • The jail may disapprove, in whole or in part, any issue if the contents are of a nature to compromise jail security, order or rehabilitative efforts.
    • Items disapproved by the WVRJ will be placed in the inmate's property or can be mailed out at the inmate's expense.