Smart Jail Mail

The Western Virginia Regional Jail has implemented a new email service for family members and friends of inmates.

Called Smart Jail Mail, the service is now accepting applications for citizens who wish to set up accounts.

The emails and photos will be monitored by Western Virginia Regional Jail Staff. Failure to follow email and photo guidelines will result in the cancellation of the account.

Inmate Access

A total of 43 kiosks have been installed in the inmate housing units, which will allow the inmates to read and send email to those persons who have approved accounts. While inmates can receive email and photos, they will only be able to send email, not photos.

Inmates can send emails to anyone by first asking them to accept an email invitation, provided they know the person’s email address and the inmate has credits in their account or if the person invited already has an account and credits.


There is no cost for citizens to set up an account. Each email will cost 50 cents; each photo will cost $1. Family members and friends can place funds into an inmate’s account so they have the credits to both send email and receive email and photos. Indigent inmates will be credited two emails every Saturday, which will expire that same day at midnight if they are not used.

Set Up an Account

Visit Smart Jail Mail Search for the appropriate inmate’s name, select that inmate and then purchase credits for the emails and photos. There will be no status of email delivery, email acceptance or if the email was read, due to security reasons. If a photo is rejected due for failing to meet guidelines, a credit will be refunded to the sender. Rejected emails will not be refunded. Credits are not refundable once purchased.