On-Line Deposits

The web site for making on-line deposits to inmate accounts is: ConnectNetwork.

Family members will need a valid email address to set up an account. You will be asked for the email address and you will be sent an email with a link to verify the creation of the account. After the email link is clicked and the account is verified, you will login and be prompted to pick a state from the drop down box (Virginia) then pick our facility name (Western VA Regional Jail) and an inmate name or ID number to search.

 Funds will continue to be accepted for inmate accounts in the following ways:
-> WVRJ Lobby Kiosk - Cash and Credit Card
-> GTL-ConnectNetwork (ConnectNetwork

In Person Deposits

The kiosk located in the vestibule and is available 24/7.
Money can be placed onto an inmate's account through the kiosk located in the lobby. Funds deposited through the kiosk are credited to the inmate account immediately.


GTL applies the following processing fees:
Credit Card Fees:
$0.00 - $50.00 = $4.00 + 3.5%
$50.01 - $100.00 = $5.50 + 3.5%
$100.01 - $200.00 = $8.50 + 3.5%
$200.01 - $300.00 = $11.50 + 3.5%
Cash Fees:
$2.50 per deposit

Online Deposits using GTL's ConnectNetwork
Instructions for registered users of can be accessed at:
How to Deposit Funds

When Funds Will Be Available

  • Funds deposited in the kiosk and online are available right away.
  • Please plan accordingly to ensure funds are available for commissary purchases.

Money Brought by Inmate

Any currency an inmate brings into the jail will be credited to his/her inmate account to pay debts and purchase commissary items.