Telephone Access

Each inmate in general housing is afforded access to telephone services and access hours are usually between 8:30 a.m. and 11 p.m. During this time frame calls may be made to family, friends, attorneys, parole officers, bondsmen, etc. These calls are collect calls to the other party and there are no restrictions on the number of calls an inmate may make so long as all inmates have reasonable equal access to the telephone.

VIAPATH (formerly GTL)

VIAPATH is responsible for addressing any billing or inmate telephone service issues faced by the friends and family of an inmate. You may call VIAPATH to set up accounts, as well as resolve any issues you may experience, such as not being able to receive calls or to block numbers.

Customer Service contact information:
Phone: 866-516-0115

Please log in to VIAPATH's website,,  to create an account with ConnectNetwork or contact ConnectNetwork directly at 877-650-4249. For questions regarding service, please visit ConnectNetwork FAQ Page. You may also call the on-site VIAPATH representative Monday through Friday at 540-378-3745.

Emergency Messages

Incoming telephone calls for inmates cannot be transferred to inmate housing areas.

Emergency messages for inmates concerning court matters, family, etc., will be processed immediately and delivered to the inmate. Emergency messages concerning the death of a family member or friend will not be processed and delivered until the death is confirmed. Confirmation of death will be obtained as soon as possible after receiving the message. These messages will be coordinated through the institutional chaplain whenever possible.

Incoming telephone messages of a routine nature will not be accepted unless such messages are from an attorney, probation officer, minister, court personnel or other such professional persons. Such messages from family members, friends, associates, etc., should be placed in a letter and mailed to the inmate.