Minimum Qualifications & Disqualifiers

Thank you for your interest in employment with the Western Virginia Regional Jail.

Western Virginia Regional Jail welcomes your interest in our organization. This agency is seeking qualified persons who are interested in a career in corrections. We desire individuals who have high standards for personal and professional integrity, commitment and dependability. Setting and maintaining these standards for our staff ensures a professional workplace for staff and a high level of respect in the community we serve. If you seek a satisfying and rewarding career working with other correctional professionals, we encourage you to apply.

Minimum Qualifications & Disqualifiers

 Candidates must meet the following minimum qualifications:

ü  Must be 20 years of age
ü  Must be a citizen of the United States
ü  Must have visual acuity that is 20/40 when both eyes are tested together and pass a color vision examination. Vision must be correctable to 20/40 with contact lenses or glasses
ü  Satisfactory physical condition as determined by a medical history and physician’s examination, to perform the essential job functions for the correctional officer position
ü  Satisfactory mental condition as determined by a psychological history and evaluation
ü  Must be a high school graduate or be able to furnish documentary evidence of equivalency as recognized by the Commonwealth of Virginia Compensation Board
ü  Must have a valid Virginia drivers license and a good driving record
ü  Must reside within a one and a half (1.5) hour response time or a sixty (60) mile radius from the WVRJ
ü  Must have a good (current) credit rating/history
ü  Must pass a thorough background investigation. The investigation will include a credit record check, check of police and/or criminal history, driving records, health related information, work experience and work record, school records, personal character and reputation (interviews with neighbors, past employers, co-workers, etc.)
ü  Must sign a Condition of Employment Agreement which requires employees to maintain good overall physical condition and prohibits smoking or the use of tobacco products in uniform.
ü The applicant must successfully complete all mandatory training as established by the WVRJ and the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services, within 12 months of employment, unless probationary status is extended and/or an extension is approved by the Department of Criminal Justice Services


Please review the following disqualifiers before applying for a WVRJ position.  
 Email: HR@WVARJ.ORG or call 540-378-3726 if you have any questions.

Criminal History: 

 1- Conviction of any felony.

 2- Conviction of any Class 1 misdemeanor (Convictions of Reckless Driving and Class II misdemeanors will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

 3-Conviction of any Class 3 or Class 4 misdemeanor (or the Code of Virginia equivalent) will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

 4- Conviction of any crime involving moral turpitude (crimes contrary to justice, honesty or good morals).

Traffic Violations:
 5-  Minus 6 or more points on a Virginia Operators License or the equivalent for an out of state license will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

 6- Conviction of Driving Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol, Refusal to take Blood or Breath Test, Eluding Police, Racing, or Hit and Run.

 7- Incidents that involve the suspension or revocation of driving privileges will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Drug Use:

8- Conviction for possession, use or sale of any illicit drug.

9- Possession or use of any illicit drug will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

10- Dishonorable Discharge from any military service.  Less that Honorable or General Discharges will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

11- Untruthfulness or the falsification of any application, certificate, credential, interview, test, or documents associated with the position. 

12- Failure to provide complete and accurate information on any application or other documents associated with the position.

13- Failure to comply with deadlines to return requested information to the background investigator. 

14- Failure to comply with the applicant's appointment(s) schedule without prior notification to the background investigator. 

15- Credit history with a current unsatisfactory rating will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

16- Not being a United States citizen.

17- Background investigation indicating less than acceptable job performance with past employers. 

18- Incidents of past physical or mental abuse of anyone.

19- Obtaining a score that is below the established minimum standard on any test or evaluation administered during the selection process.

20- Cheating on any examination or testing associated with the position.

21- Behavior unsuitable or inappropriate for a Correctional Officer as determined by the appointing authority.

22- Tattoos on face, neck, or hands are not in compliance with our uniform policy.  However, applicants in the process of removing or covering tattoos may continue in the employment process.  Call for details.

23- Applicants to fail to achieve a passing score on the written examination or physical agility test are eliminated from the selection process.  Applicants can only take the written test three (3) times within a three (3) year period in order to achieve a passing score.