Interesting Facts & Statistics

Western Virginia Regional Jail Authority

The Western Virginia Regional Jail Authority which oversees the operation of the Jail is composed of the counties of Franklin, Montgomery, and Roanoke and the city of Salem. The members of the Authority Board serve one-year terms and can serve multiple terms. They are not compensated for their time.


The facility covers 6 acres (approximately 265,000 square feet) and has a rated capacity of 605 inmates. Due to an increase in population, additional beds were added to expand the bed count to 805 general population beds.


The Western Virginia Regional Jail was designed to accommodate the current and future inmate populations of its four member jurisdictions well into the future. The facility can be expanded to hold an additional 649 inmates. The program and service areas of the facility were sized to accommodate future expansion needs so that no additional construction in these areas should be necessary.


To provide an appropriate living environment for offenders and a healthy working environment for staff, the Western Virginia Regional Jail is a tobacco-free environment.