Over 200 people are employed at the Western Virginia Regional Jail. This workforce is comprised of corrections officers, civilians, and contract workers who provide food, medical, educational and commissary services.

The Jail’s corrections officers are required to complete over 500 hours of basic training and orientation in their first year of employment plus 40 hours of annual training required by the American Correctional Association and 24 hours of in-service training required every other year to maintain certification through the Department of Criminal Justice Services.


The Jail holds both male and female inmates for its four member agencies, federal and state responsible inmates, and contract inmates for other localities. The Jail’s inmate population varies from day to day, in 2016 the average daily population was 814.


The Jail’s medical section provides a comprehensive range of medical, dental, and mental health services in house that meet Virginia Department of Corrections and American Correctional Association standards. Providing services within the facility improves the cost ratio of treatments and eliminates the security risks that result when inmates are taken outside the facility for treatment.


Technology is used extensively throughout the Jail’s operation to increase security and efficiency. Technology also plays an important role in many of the Jail’s environmental features.