Mission Statement & Objectives


The Mission of the Western Virginia Regional Jail is to maintain the custody, control and care of persons confined in the jail in a safe, secure and constitutional manner.


  1. To operate the regional jail in an efficient and cost effective manner without jeopardizing the jail’s mission
  2. To maintain a jail environment that is in compliance with all state and local laws as promulgated by the Board of Corrections and the American Correctional Association
  3. To promote a jail environment that is consistent with human dignity and one that is free from personal prejudices and discrimination
  4. To provide a level of supervision, custody and control that is consistent with the need to protect the community, staff and inmates
  5. To provide rehabilitation programs and services that may help the inmates to return to the community as a law abiding and productive citizen

Our Commitment

The Western Virginia Regional Jail is committed to excellence. The Agency is accredited by the Virginia Department of Corrections and nationally accredited by the American Correctional Association. Our facility is also LEED® certified making us the first correctional facility in Virginia to receive LEED® certification and one of the first in the United States.