Written and Physical Agility Testing

When you are scheduled for a testing date/time with HR, report to the WVRJ that day wearing comfortable clothing and have your photo ID/driver’s license with you.  This process will take approximately 2 hours.

Written Test

Check out the information below regarding the Written Test details for Correctional Officer and Control Room Operator applicants.

The test is divided into 3 basic sections: Math with 20 questions at 1 pt. each, Vocabulary with 14 questions at 1.43 pts. each, & Reading Comprehension with 20 questions at 3 pts. each.  You must score at least 60 points to pass.

Math Example: There are 52 inmates ready to eat breakfast.  Each inmate will get a cup, spoon, and tray.  How many total items will be given out?

Vocabulary Example: (For each word in bold, choose the correct word closest to its meaning from 3 choices.)  The inmate was considered indigent. (a-dangerous, b-destitute, c-an escape risk)

Reading Comprehension Example: (There are 6 descriptions of 60 inmates written out.  There is also a list of Policies & Procedures.  Then there is a series of questions about the inmates in regards to the policies.)  Can an inmate take 3 showers during the week?

Physical Agility Test

To review the requirements to successfully complete the Correctional Officer Physical Agility Test, view the Physical Agility Test (PDF).

Click on the below links to watch a video demonstration of the tasks that must be passed to qualify for employment.