Written and Physical Agility Testing

When you are scheduled for a testing date/time with HR, report to the WVRJ that day wearing comfortable clothing and have your photo ID/driver’s license with you.  This process will take approximately 2 hours.

Written Test

Check out the information below regarding the Written Test details for Correctional Officer applicants.

The test is divided into 3 basic sections: Math with 20 questions at 1 pt. each, Vocabulary with 14 questions at 1.43 pts. each, & Reading Comprehension with 20 questions at 3 pts. each.  You must score at least 60 points to pass.

Math Example: There are 52 inmates ready to eat breakfast.  Each inmate will get a cup, spoon, and tray.  How many total items will be given out?

Vocabulary Example: (For each word in bold, choose the correct word closest to its meaning from 3 choices.)  The inmate was considered indigent. (a-dangerous, b-destitute, c-an escape risk)

Reading Comprehension Example: (There are 6 descriptions of 60 inmates written out.  There is also a list of Policies & Procedures.  Then there is a series of questions about the inmates in regards to the policies.)  Can an inmate take 3 showers during the week?

Physical Agility Test

To review the requirements to successfully complete the physical agility pre-employment testing, view the Physical Agility Test (PDF).

Click on the below links to watch a video demonstration of the tasks that must be passed to qualify for employment.